Purkyně Grammar School in Strážnice

Purkyně Grammar School in Strážnice is a regional secondary school educating 11-19 year old students from the entire Hodonín District (1100 km). It offers an eight-year and a four-year course. The school community consists of 340 pupils and 28 teachers. In its current form it has a tradition of 117 years and is the oldest of its kind in the region.

Many successful scientists, businessmen, politicians and artists have graduated from this grammar school. It is entitled to bear the international title of Eco-school since 2007. We have a partnership with Masaryk University, Brno and have been designated a Faculty School of the Faculty of Science of Charles University, Prague.
Purkyňovo gymnázium aims at producing all-round graduates, preparing its students for the final Maturita examination and subsequent university studies in all subjects. Interested students are prepared for the First Certificate in English examination. The school offers students many opportunities to realise ad compare themselves, e.g. in knowledge contests, grammar school theses, excursions, lectures, and practical activities and competitions in the field of art, music and sport. It organizes team-building courses, charity events, international exchange programmes with other schools in Europe.

Purkyňovo gymnázium possesses 12 general classrooms, 14 specialised classrooms and laboratories, a library, an assembly hall, a multifunctional classroom, a gymnasium incl. fitness room, a basketball/football pitch and volleyball court, a snack bar and a canteen with kitchen. We have computers or laptops in all teachers’ offices and 15 multimedia projectors in the classrooms, as well as Wi-Fi across the school building.

Purkyňovo gymnázium has broad experience with international student exchanges and other international projects. In the past years, exchanges have been organised with schools from Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Serbia and Spain. Our exchange programmes typically include learning about our country, its capital, culture, traditions, nature and landscape, and aims at mutual understanding and tolerance. 
The school has been an officially recognised Eco-school since 2007 and has actively increased students’ awareness of the state of the environment and supported students’ activities in waste separation, water and energy saving, and improving the school environment. To that aim, an eco-team of students yearly organises several events, e.g. a class competition in separating waste, a regional environmental contest for schools, a second-hand market, a Christmas workshop, lectures and more.

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